Garlock Canada


Since 1975, we have developed products using combinations of various materials like glass, aramid, carbon, PTFE and others. Garlock pioneered the use of spun glass in high percentage into friction spinning. This know-how generated a worldwide notoriety for Garlock in the field of automotive and industrial friction composites. We are still today producing and selling products based on this technology with efficiency and quality standards that are landmarks to the industry.

Applications include

Industrial, nuclear and aerospace sealing products, industrial and automotive wear-friction products and also plastic-composite reinforcement materials.

Reinforcement fabrics; reinforcement yarns; hybrid yarn; wire-inserted fabrics; braided rope and packing; high temperature textiles; die-formed graphite rings; coated engineered yarns.

Garlock is committed to offer total customer satisfaction with the best products available.

Innovative technical textile manufacturer

Garlock of Canada Limited (Garlock) is an innovative technical textile manufacturer. We engineer industrial yarns that we sell or use to make industrial fabric or heavy industrial cloth for different applications. Some of the products include:

Garlock of Canada is an indirect subsidiary of Garlock Sealing Technologies (LLC), a world leader in industrial sealing products. Garlock Sealing Technologies is an EnPro Industries (NYSE: NPO) company.